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We offer a discreet professional service using our modern thermal heat treatment system. Call us to find out more about our experience in dealing with BedBug issues. 


No need to panic or throw the beds away. We will talk you through our efficient heat treatment process and give you tips on how not to make the Bed Bug problem worse before our arrival. 


On the day of your heat treatment, we will keep you fully informed of our progress. There is a small amount of preparation for you to carry out before our arrival, but not too much fuss. The heat treatment process is safe for all of our clients.


Our Bed Bug heat chamber is fully portable and can be used inside your home or at your hotel.


Discreet service: Our vehicles are not sign written. Our heat treatment machine is quiet and self-contained, so no need for large pipes and generators. All we need is two electrical sockets.


The six-part protocol we have developed has enabled our team to successfully eradicate bed bugs in tower blocks, family homes, residential care units and hotel rooms.


 As bedbugs have become resistant to the different chemicals used over the years, using chemicals to treat bedbug infestations has become increasingly ineffective. Heat treatments, are much quicker and safer.



Portable Bed Bug Heat Treatment Chamber

Pest24 BedBug Heat Treatment and fumigation Bed Bug Heat Treatment Chamber

Our Bed Bug heat treatment chamber is fully portable and can be used inside your home or at your hotel to kill bed bugs.


Our heat treatment process will kill all stages of bedbugs including adults and their eggs.


The bed bug killing machine is big enough to accommodate king-size beds, Wardrobes, Chairs and Sofas.


The heat chamber is completely sealed when it is being used so there is no chance of bed bugs escaping.   



Not sure if you have Bed Bugs? Compare what you have seen with our ID slide show.

There’s a lot of hot air talked about controlling bed bugs – but oddly enough hot air is actually the most effective solution to an increasingly worrying problem that’s keeping lots of people awake at night.


I’m the proud owner of the Pest 24 Heat air chamber - The hottest name in Bed Bug eradication.


Never thought about the risk of bed bugs before? Sleep on it overnight and give me a call if you want to be 100% sure who or what you’re sharing your bed with.

Buy Bed Bug Moniotrs Click here to purchase bed bug moniotrs



Purchase two of the tried and tested Trappit Bed Bug monitors via our eBay store. Just click on the picture above.


The monitors have been tested by us with live bed bugs to check the performance. We carried out a side by side test of six monitors and found this to be one of two that actually did the job. Included with your delivery of the two monitors are instructions and our details so you can get help and advice.  


Ideally placed in the bedroom on the floor next to the skirting board, under the headboard of the bed. This allows for effective and discreet monitoring of the presence of bed bugs.


If no bed bugs are caught in the trap following the recommended placement duration, this does not guarantee that the room is free from bed bugs. Additionally, to the untrained eye and without knowledge of insect morphology, bed bug nymphs can sometimes be misinterpreted as other insects, such as booklice. If there is doubt in confirming the presence of trapped insects, it is recommended to call us for more information and help. Tel: 01793 539684.

Pest24 Trading Standards Approved.

Proud Supporters Of The Bed Bug Foundation.


Bed Bug Travel Express


Don’t let Bed Bugs into your home!!


Treat your bed bug infested bags and clothes before you travel home.


If your trip has turned into a bed bug nightmare and you suspect your luggage bags are at risk of being infested with bed bugs, then don’t panic, we can help!!


Let us collect your infested travel luggage when you arrive at the airport, cruise port, coach or train station. We will then discreetly take your bags to our bed bug heat chamber to be expertly treated leaving you to carry on with your onward journey.


As soon as your items are bedbug-free and fully treated we will arrange the delivery of your items to your chosen address.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Drop Off Service Availabe At Our Office.


Bring your travel or holiday bags,luggage,cases,backpack,furniture,beds or clothes to our office for a sameday bed bug heat treatment service. Our office is only 5 minutes off Junction 15 on the M4.

Providing a fast efficient UK BedBug service in London, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Reading, Oxford, Birmingham, Swindon, Portsmouth, Slough, Southampton, Exeter, Plymouth, Brighton, Manchester, Newbury, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Weymouth, Dover, Swansea, Torquay, Luton and throughout the rest of the country to your home or business.

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